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Online Italian Courses in Cambodia

APICS Italian Cultural Centre in partnership with ICBA (Italian-Cambodian Business Association) offers online Italian language classes for residents in Cambodia.

Online Italian Language in Cambodia
Italian free trial lesson Cambodia

**Special launch promotion** 

Join the upcoming free trial lesson for adults online and receive the e-textbook (worth US$ 40) free of charge upon signing up to a full course. 

Learn Italian online in Cambodia from the comfort of your own own or office, our online Italian courses provide the perfect solution.

Our qualified & experienced Italian teachers cover a dedicated program to meet the characteristics of a remote class.

We offer online Italian group courses and private lessons for adults, kids, corporate programs for companies, and educational workshops related to Italian culture. 


  • Flexibility on scheduling

  • Course content and program is adjusted to accommodate your specific needs

  • Study from any location (as long as you choose a quiet space for the duration of the lesson)

  • Option to video record lesson for student to recap anytime

Learn Italian online in Cambodia


  • We use world-class software that is free of charge for students.

  • Our teacher simply provides you with a private link to access the class. 

  • Students require only a device such as a laptop / pc / smartphone / tablet with audio, video & microphone capabilities.

Start your Italian learning journey today...

Course A1-Beginner 1

Frequency: 1 lesson per week (2 hours per lesson). Course total number of lessons: 12 lessons (24 hours).


CERTIFICATE provided upon completion of the course.


Italian is such a rich language. It contains root words that are common to English and other languages, such as French and Spanish. The Italian courses are conducted online and target people who have never studied the Italian language before. The learners can experience a first approach with Italian language, learning its sounds and basic structures enabling them to cope with very simple and practical communication contexts, both formally and informally. All courses are taught by qualified and certified teachers. This Italian Language Course in Cambodia allows learners to effectively develop all four major language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - in the Italian language following the guidelines of the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Formal and informal greetings, introducing yourself and others, asking and providing personal information, talking about family; identifying things and people using affirmative, negative and interrogative structures; formal and informal way of addressing, nationalities, job and professions, the numbers from 1 to 100, the days of week and the months.

☑ Course fee per person: US$ 12 per hour (Total course of 24 hours = US$ 288 per person)

  • Online payment: credit card or PayPal

  • Minimum of 5 students per class

Italian School Cambodia

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Online Italian Classes in Cambodia

Group online Italian class for adults

Online Italian language courses in Cambodia for Adults

Online Italian course for adults

Online Italian language courses in Cambodia for Companies

Online Italian class for teenagers

Online Italian language courses in Cambodia for Teenagers

Online Italian class for couples

Online Italian language courses in Cambodia for Couples

Online Italian class for kids

Online Italian language courses in Cambodia for Kids

Italian Pizza Workshop

Online Educational Workshops about Italian culture

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