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i verbi italiani: regolari e irregolari

The work intends to be an aid tool for a correct use of the verb in its ways and times. In particular, the authors took care of the presentation technique of the various verbal forms using replacement tables or "boxes". The box, as it has been conceived and realized, not only allows to present all forms of each verb in a linguistically significant situation, according to the indications of modern language teaching, but also offers the foreign student a series of collateral benefits such as:

a) the focus of irregular forms;

b) the constant display of all modes and times;

c) reinforcement of the forms of regular conjugation. Moreover, in consideration of the most frequent mistakes made in Italian by non-native speakers, the volume deals in detail, through summary schemes, the following topics:

- use of auxiliary in compound times;

- perfect / imperfect alternation;

- subjunctive mode;

- negative imperative;

- conditional dependent subjunctive;

- hypothetical period.

i verbi italiani: regolari e irregolari

  • The books will be available first day of class

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