Online Italian Course for Beginners A1.1 (Sat@1.30-3.30pm) / Textbook included

***Price includes A1 textbook which will be used for the first 3 full courses***


The best starting point for your Italian learning journey!

Learn Italian online with APICS Italian Cultural Centre. We are the specialised Centre for Italian language & culture in Singapore, our roots originate since the 1970s. Our teachers are qualified, screened native Italian speakers with extensive experience in teaching Italian as a second language.



The course targets people who have never studied Italian before.

The students experience first contact with the Italian language, learning its sounds and basic structure enabling them to cope with very simple communications context: greetings, presenting themselves, asking for and giving personal information, identifying things and people using affirmative, negative and interrogative structures, formal and informal ways of addressing.


Grammatical points: Nouns: feminine, masculine, singular, plural. Present tense of Essere and Avere, verbs of first group (regular and irregular). Interrogative pronouns. Numbers (0-100). Indefinite and definite articles.


  • Private lessons are also available. For further information, please contact us at: admin@apics.com.sg 

Online Italian Course for Beginners A1.1 (Sat@1.30-3.30pm) / Textbook included

    • Frequency: once per week
    • 120 minutes duration for each class
    • 12 lessons in total
    • 24 hours of class time in total
    • Timing: Saturdays from 1.30pm to 3.30pm
    • First lesson: 16th January 2020