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 Fun activities with Italian Cooking & Culture! 



In every company or organization, it is increasingly evident that people make the difference with their ability to produce ideas and collaborate in synergy with others. 


Team Building activities prove to be effective in achieving personal and team growth objectives, to improve the integration of the work group, to create team spirit, to motivate and to incentivize.

The KITCHEN is an environment that everyone knows: in the kitchen or sitting at the table the relationship with the choice of ingredients and menu is varied and accompanies each person in their daily lives.


APICS' bespoke Team Building activities allows participants to experience a concrete and engaging formative moment, creative expression and organization, relational confrontation and problem solving; an experience that produces team strengthening and consolidation.

This experience, in the context of an original situation and within a fun climate, allows the group to live situations very similar to those of work but in which people can express themselves differently; to discover themselves and to discover others ways of asking and listening.

For example:

- Find a new interpretation for your way of relating
- Develop a greater sense of belonging to the group
- Improve mutual trust
- Increase involvement in common goals


All of our programmes are BESPOKE and produced specifically to match the needs of your company/group/organization. 

CONTACT US today to have an introductory chat:

Email: welcome@apics.com.sg

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