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All activities are only for small groups to ensure adequate social distancing!

Art Classes for kids in Singapore

VR (Virtual Reality) sessions

Fantastical Art series is an immersive journey of discovery & creation through Italian Maestros & Virtual Reality (VR).

APICS, in collaboration with Fantasium, presents this interactive activity for kids aged 8-14 years old. 

Kids will work with a broad array of virtual brushes to create their own VR paintings based on Italian art and culture. Our instructors use a hands-on approach to learn how to translate drawing skills into 3D art. 

Participants will explore Italian art from a new perspective, while developing their own creative thinking skills. All equipment & materials are provided.

VR art camp for kids in Singapore


Fantasium Group produces mixed-reality experiences for arts, education and entertainment. It specialises in integrating fully-immersive and surreal VR experiences into festivals, performances, events and classrooms.

Click here to learn more: https://www.fantasium.group/vr-holiday-camps-singapore

Sewing camp for kids in Singapore

Sewing workshop is a creative activity for kids in Singapore provided by APICS Italian Cultural Centre. 

In this hands-on educational and creative workshop, kids are introduces to the sewing machine, pinning & cutting fabric, sewing on a straight line and other techniques. 

Kids produce their own creations to bring home such as items of clothing, accessories, backpack, face mask etc.

All creative materials are provided. 

Daniela Piatti


Daniela Piatti is an architect with a passion for sewing. She loves fabrics, handmade items and creating personalized designs.

She loves working with kids, encouraging both creativity and curiosity.

Print & Lino cutting workshops

Make your own stamps and prints with fun block printing technique for kids!

Who should attend?

Kids who are interested in art and creativity, learning a new craft and technique, and create their own cards, wrapping paper and artworks.

The  artist Carlyn Law of @eattodraw will teach the kids the art of linocutting technique and show them the basics of carving the rubber blocks safely and make colourful prints and artworks. They will explore different topics like italian icons, nature, food and animals.

Caryn Law APICS Italian Cultural Centre


Carlyn Law is a Singaporean artist who is well versed in various techniques such as watercolours and linocutting. She is passionate about Italy and has studied the Italian language for over two years.

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Theatre and Creative Art Camp

Participants will be immersed in a fun theatre and arts experience through the traditional Italian theatre, Commedia Dell’arte.


The 3 days camp will be taught by a drama educator and an art instructor. Participants will learn physical theatre and improvising techniques to devise a Commedia Dell’arte piece for their performance on the final day.


Participants will be introduced to the stock characters in Commedia Dell’arte and understand the importance of body language and facial expression thus translating it to their creative mask activities.



Janna Hussain (Drama Educator)

Janna Hussain is a primary school teacher and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Drama). She has directed students in several youth theatre platforms. She has also acted, worked, and volunteered with local theatre companies She is passionate in drama education and bringing the joy of learning through play.

Click here to learn more

Caryn Law APICS Italian Cultural Centre

Carlyn Law (Art Instructor)

Carlyn Law is a Singaporean artist who is well versed in various techniques such as watercolours and linocutting. She is passionate about Italy and has studied the Italian language for over two years.

Click here to learn more

Create your own illustrated book workshop

Gianni Rodari: "A sbagliare le storie"

Enter the magical world that's always been besides our children: illustration! Why not create your own illustrated fairy tales book?

Kids will be guided step-by-step in creating their very first illustrated book, from the story to the drawings.

APICS Italian Cultural Centre presents this new creative workshop targeted for kids aged 8-12 years old in Singapore. Kids will create their own illustrated book following easy step-by-step instructions.


Participants will get to know the great and famous Italian storyteller Gianni Rodari through one of his stories for children, that many artists have illustrated, "A sbagliare le storie" (To get the tales wrong).


Kids will choose one of two techniques in order to draw their book: illustration (with blank or filled background) and collage (with blank or filled background).

Children will acquire foundation knowledge about the workflow when talking about the narration of a story through a series of drawings, the creation of its characters and the surrounding environment. 

This workshop is perfect for Kids with a passion for drawing who want to try to achieve a complete illustration. Kids who really enjoy creating their own little book using their own imagination.

All creative materials are provided. 

Fantastic beasts creative workshop for kids

Have you ever desired to know where the legend of the unicorn comes from? Or how to draw a three-headed dragon?

In this creative camp, Kids will learn how to draw these fantastic beasts and discover their legends.

Kids will be discovering the legends behind fantastic beasts like Hydra, Gryphons, Chimera and others. 


Guided by our expert teacher, Kids will have fun while illustrating these creatures (or making up their own) in order to create a fantastic bestiary.


Participants will explore satisfying ways in order to create their own fantastic beast, for example by mixing and matching details from existing animals. Kids will approach mixed media techniques in order to achieve their results when creating the fantastic beasts.

This creative workshop is targeted for Kids who are curious about myths connected to legendary beasts and want to learn how to create their own fantastic bestiary.

All creative materials are provided. 


- Please register for our art workshops at this email: lucia@apics.com.sg 

- Minimum two persons are required for a workshop to commence 

- Once confirmed, the full payment of the workshop fee is required at least 2 days before the workshop to secure your seat 

- Payment modes: PayNow, PayLah, bank transfer 

- If participants cannot attend the workshop, there will be no refund but they can send someone else in their place as a replacement


Private workshops can be arranged upon request. For more info, please email email lucia@apics.com.sg 

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