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Dining with Dante (Online)

Dining with Dante

Join this virtual cooking trip around medieval Italy, on the steps of the world famous Dante Alighieri, in the celebration of the “ANNO DANTESCO”.

2021 will commemorate the 700th anniversary of the passing of Dante Alighieri, known worldwide as the father of the Italian language.

Anna Lanzani


Anna Lanzani is an Italian food scholar, with a strong background in humanities and over 15 years of experience in international food companies. Anna is an active member of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina and a food writer. She has lived, worked and studied in the US, UK, France, Japan, China, Australia, and Argentina.


A passionate entrepreneur and consultant, Anna teaches History of Italian Gastronomy at the University of Buenos Aires CUI, and contributes to international conferences.

VR (Virtual Reality) sessions

Fantastical Art series is an immersive journey of discovery & creation through Italian Maestros & Virtual Reality (VR).

APICS, in collaboration with Fantasium, presents this interactive activity for adults in Singapore. 

Participants will work with a broad array of virtual brushes to create their own VR paintings based on Italian art and culture. Our instructors use a hands-on approach to learn how to translate drawing skills into 3D art. 

Participants will explore Italian art from a new perspective, while developing their own creative thinking skills. All equipment & materials are provided.

VR art camp for kids in Singapore


Fantasium Group produces mixed-reality experiences for arts, education and entertainment. It specialises in integrating fully-immersive and surreal VR experiences into festivals, performances, events and classrooms.

Click here to learn more: https://www.fantasium.group/vr-holiday-camps-singapore

Sewing camp for adults in Singapore

Sewing workshop is a creative activity for adults in Singapore provided by APICS Italian Cultural Centre. 

In this hands-on educational and creative workshop, participants are introduces to the sewing machine, pinning & cutting fabric, sewing on a straight line and other techniques. 

You will learn to produce your own creations to bring home such as items of clothing, accessories, backpack, face mask etcAll creative materials are provided. 

Daniela Piatti


Daniela Piatti is an architect with a passion for sewing. She loves fabrics, handmade items and creating personalized designs.

She loves working with kids, encouraging both creativity and curiosity.

Print & Lino cutting workshops for adults

Make your own Italian-themed stamps and prints with fun block printing technique for adults!

Who should attend?

Participants interested in art and creativity, learning a new craft and technique.

Caryn Law APICS Italian Cultural Centre


Carlyn Law is a Singaporean artist who is well versed in various techniques such as watercolours and linocutting. She is passionate about Italy and has studied the Italian language for over two years.

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